Are You Getting the Hint?

One of the biggest differences in communication between men and women is that men make statements and women ask questions. When women ask questions they are leaving it open for the other person to talk about whatever they wants. Women also ask questions in order to give hints to what they really want.


Let’s say a man and a woman walk outside. The man would start off the conversation with, “This is a beautiful day.” The woman would start it by saying, “What do you think of the weather?” This gives the man a chance to shift the conversation to any topic he wants. He could talk about fishing, golfing, or anything that is somewhat related to weather.

Another Example:

Kit is driving with his wife in the car. She asks him, “Are you thirsty?”

As a man Kit would consider this and responds, “No.”

She then asks him, “Are you hungry?”

To which he responds, “No, not really.”

He is clearly not getting her hints. What Kit’s wife is really saying is,”I’m thirsty” and “I’m hungry.”

Men just don’t get the hint. So here are some tips to improve gender communication. Men pay attention to the conversation so you don’t miss the hints. And women, if you’re not getting the right answers to your questions, try making statements. By being clear about your intentions, you will be more effective about getting what you ask for no matter who you are talking to.

For more insights on gender communication, watch Kit’s presentation. And don’t forget to check back next Monday for another video blog.