What Happens When I Pull Out the Overhead Projector?

You may have noticed that lately the younger generations don’t seem to appreciate your overhead projector and transparencies. You might be thinking, “How could this be?” and “I love my overhead projector.” But, in order to communicate well, we need to recognize that there are some diferences in the expectations across the generations when it comes to audio/visual equipment and technology.

Let’s go over some of these differences:

  • Veterans & Traditionals – They appreciate the overhead projector. It’s light and it’s bright. It must be pretty important if you have to go through the trouble of printing on a transparency.
  • Baby Boomers – They would get a kick out of it. Baby Boomers would most likely reminisce about overhead projectors and slide projectors.
  • Generation Xers – They would think you are trapped in the 80s. They’d prefer powerpoint presentations with headlines, bullet points and graphics.
  • Millennials – They would squirm in their seats and prefer ‘wiz-bang’ video and multimedia productions.

It might be hard to let go of your precious overhead projector. Yet, if you want to be able to persuade and influence your audience, you may have to update the A/V.

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