Are Traditionals Always Early For Work?

Do you own your own business and find that the Traditional Generation always seem to beat you to the office or workplace? Sometimes Traditionals will arrive an hour to work before their shift would start. Actually, each generation sees timeliness in a different light. It is important to recognize that there are differences in the timeliness of each generation.

Within each generation there are differences. Here are some examples of what each generation considers important:

  • Traditionals – Would be making coffee, getting ready and setting things up for the day. They are loyal and dedicated employees.
  • Baby Boomers – Will show up early, but not too early. They are willing to stay and work late. Baby Boomers have a hard work ethic and are willing to work long ours. Just make sure you recognize them for it.
  • Generation Xers – Will start negotiating they hours and shift times within the interview before they are even offered the job.
  • Millennials – Will stay with you and work with you for a long time as long as the work has variety and meaning for them. They will do grunt work as long as the purpose and how it relates to the mission.

All-in-all, you must be aware of how each generation differs in their timeliness and their work ethic. Traditionals do come to work early and they are loyal. You can count on them. Boomers will work really hard and need to be recognized for their long hours. Generation Xers want balance now, not when they’re 65. And, Millennials want variety, community service projects and project-centered work assignments. Follow these guidelines and you will see positive feedback with employees of all generations.

To hear more on Generational Communication, watch Kit’s presentation here. And don’t forget to check back next Monday for another video blog.