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Customer Service: What If I Make A Mistake?

We hear about organizations that let their employees have fun and engage with their customers over the phone or online. You probably have lots of fun ideas to enhance your relationships with your customers. Sometimes people resist trying anything new because they don’t want to make any mistakes.

Years ago I read a book […]

Customer Service: How Do We Create A World-Class Customer Service Culture?

We sure hear a lot about organizational culture. It would be nice if people were nicer to each other at work. I believe these interactions between coworkers affect customer service.

One of my favorite books on customer service is “Great Customer Service On the Telephone” written by Kristin Anderson. The book recommends that […]

Customer Service: What About Business Cards?

I think so, but be sure to consider improving your business card and how you use it. In a great book entitled, “50 Ways to Win New Customers” written by Paul Timm, recommends that we give more than just a business card.

Here are some of the tips:

Have your card designed to include […]

Customer Service: What Does Trust Have To Do With It?

There is a lot of talk about trust these days. Every time I stop by a bookstore there is another book on trust on the shelves. Now there is all this fuss about fake news. It’s frustrating. In every organization trust is an issue.

Trust is a big deal when it comes […]

Change: How Do I Overcome Resistance?

Some people act like turtles when it comes to change.

They already move slowly, and when they hear there are going to be changes, they stop, pull in their heads, legs and tails, and stop in their tracks. Often there is some resistance to change. Having a process is critical to move change along. John Kotter’s […]

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