Generational Communication: What Is Work-Life Integration?


Work and Life balance is starting to be a requirement rather than a luxury.  The younger generations are insisting on balance in their lives.  Organizational culture is changing.  Regular hours seem relatively irregular.  Now there’s this work-life integration idea floating around.

Yesterday, when it came to attitudes about life and career, people would try to build a life around their […]

Generational Communication: What Is Work-Life Integration?2022-08-30T14:32:19-05:00

Generational Communication: How Will I Lead?


Today, leadership is difficult, more complicated and more nuanced.  So, now, how do we lead this new workforce?  Some changes will probably need to be made.

Yesterday, problem-solving was just for those with expertise and for others to follow standard operating procedures.  Tomorrow, we need to be prepared to improvise due to so many first-time and first-ever issues and challenges.  […]

Generational Communication: How Will I Lead?2022-08-30T14:30:41-05:00

Generational Communication: What about Technology and Change?


It seems like technology isn’t slowing down.  Changes are occurring daily; it’s hard enough to keep up let alone lead.  Multi-tasking is difficult and exhausting. What’s the deal with all of this technology and change?

Changes are happening quickly; from one day to another.

Yesterday, technology created the fear of the elimination of job.  Tomorrow, technology will help create jobs, however, […]

Generational Communication: What about Technology and Change?2022-08-30T14:29:19-05:00

Generational Communication: How Do We Keep Employees?


Today, seniority and loyalty seem like old-fashioned concepts.  How do we keep employees in the future?  It may be a challenge.

Yesterday, work relationships were hierarchical and positional; the boss said so.   Tomorrow, work relationships will be more situational and temporary.  And it might be a good idea to replace the old newsletter with an internal Facebook site or use […]

Generational Communication: How Do We Keep Employees?2022-08-30T14:27:07-05:00

What is Work Life Balance?

Everyone seems to have made some personal and professional adjustments over the past couple of years.  Now is the time to reflect and ask ourselves, “What does work/life balance mean?”

Work life balance means having time to call your own, that is free time, and guilt-free time. Work life balance is spending some time doing enjoyable stress-free activities.  Recalibrate your […]

What is Work Life Balance?2022-08-18T09:53:03-05:00

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