Listening: Are There Different Levels of Listening?


It is important to apply critical thinking skills, however, people might start to think you’re kind of critical.

Critical listening is valuable and centers on understanding a message and evaluating it.  Then determining whether to accept or reject the message based on a standard of judgment upon which to conduct a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a […]

Listening: Are There Different Levels of Listening?2020-06-29T06:10:47-05:00

Listening: Why is Listening so Tiring?


Listening to others can exhausting.  Coworkers and customers, go on and on and on, and we get so tired of listening to them.  Sometimes it’s hard to listen.

Listening takes effort and considerable energy.  Listening effectively is hard work.

The heart rate quickens, respiration increases, and body temperature rises.  Just like a stress response, it can be physically and psychologically draining.

The […]

Listening: Why is Listening so Tiring?2020-06-19T15:31:01-05:00

Listening: What if I have Questions?


You may have a high-profile position in your organization and feel like you need to appear to “know it all” so the people you lead have confidence in you.  If you don’t understand something, which I suspect is rarely, you certainly want to be skilled when asking questions.

I don’t believe asking questions ever makes you look bad.  I think […]

Listening: What if I have Questions?2020-06-19T15:22:28-05:00

Listening: Is Paraphrasing Really Necessary?


We all believe we are good listeners.  We may believe we have an innate talent for grasping the facts and feelings quickly, without having to talk about things over and over again. But we might want to consider paraphrasing, just to be sure.

Paraphrasing seems to take a lot of time and effort, however, it can actually save time, save […]

Listening: Is Paraphrasing Really Necessary?2020-06-15T06:23:30-05:00

Listening: Aren’t Hearing and Listening the Same Thing?


You probably attend a lot of important meetings, some face to face and others virtually.  You may find it difficult listen to people all day long.  Sometimes, it is hard to pay attention and remember everything or anything.  Sometimes we are not sure if we are really listening, or just hearing voices.

The bottom line is, there is a difference […]

Listening: Aren’t Hearing and Listening the Same Thing?2020-06-09T11:59:06-05:00
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