Mistake: Resisting Change


Some people make the mistake of joining the anti-change crowd.  I learned a long time ago growing up on the farm that it was a lot easier to ride the horse in the direction it was headed.  I don’t know if you have ever been on a horse that wants to go back to the barn, it’s going back […]

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Leading Through Change


As a leader, manager, or supervisor, you are expected to lead change.  The key is to be consistent in your communication.  Clearly communicate the purpose, the good reason why the change is necessary.  Clearly communicate the problem or problems with the status quo with facts and support with logic.  Next, clearly communicate the vision and paint the picture of […]

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Stress Management: How Can I Manage My Emotions?


When we are in stressful situations, it seems like we have a hard time controlling our emotions.  Sometimes we say things that we wish we could take back.  It’s tough to manage our emotions.

The key to managing emotions and responding appropriately is to monitor the stages of listening.

First, all information simply comes through our senses.  It’s raw data.  No […]

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Stress Management: What About Friends?


I’m sure you have a lot of friends, personally, and professionally.  Often, we try not to discuss the stressful events in our life with them.  We don’t want to burden them with our problems.  Besides, when we are down, some friends would suggest that we just have fun and paint the town red, whatever that means.

However, sharing our predicaments […]

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Stress Management: How Do You Find Delight In Delays?

Is your schedule full and your stress level high?  Do you have any time for distractions or delays?  When others drop the ball, does it blow your stack?   Often we don’t have room in our calendars for disruptions.  How can we respond more effectively to delays?

When we get stuck in traffic, or the flight is delayed, or the train […]

Stress Management: How Do You Find Delight In Delays?2019-12-23T07:04:31-05:00
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