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Self-Esteem: Why Do I Feel Like a Loser?


Some coworkers have lots of awards, diplomas, plaques, and ribbons in their offices.  Sometimes it is hard not to feel like a loser.

I’m sure you’re not a loser.  I believe you may not be giving yourself enough credit.  Your self-esteem reflects how positively you feel about yourself.

In my self-esteem seminar I have participants fill out a Past Accomplishments Reference.  […]

Self-Esteem: Why Do I Feel Like a Loser?2021-03-09T10:19:24-05:00

Self-Esteem: How Do I Take On the Day?


At work there are frequent verbal fistfights, battles of wits, and wars for resources.  Some of these squabbles seem silly.  It may be necessary to engage in these conversations to protect and promote department resources and goals.  It is important to be physically and emotionally able to take on the day?

Starting about a thousand years ago people took on […]

Self-Esteem: How Do I Take On the Day?2021-03-09T10:13:39-05:00

Self-Esteem: How Does the Self-Concept Develop?


How does the self-concept develop?

One of the sources of self-concept is based upon our experiences.  Think about the years you were growing up.  What did you read?  What did you watch on TV?  What were the topics of discussion?  What did you talk about?  Who were your friends?  What are your memories concerning your neighborhood?  What do you recall […]

Self-Esteem: How Does the Self-Concept Develop?2021-03-09T08:32:27-05:00

Listening: Are You a Content-Oriented Listener?


Even when it comes to listening, style matters.  Are you a people-oriented, action-oriented, time-oriented, and content-oriented listener?

Are you most interested in the quality of the messages heard?  Do you give more weight to the messages of experts and credible sources?  Do you seek details?  Are you skilled at analyzing an issue from several perspectives?  Do you simply enjoy ideas […]

Listening: Are You a Content-Oriented Listener?2020-07-27T14:01:55-05:00

Listening: Am I not Listening?


People are probably hearing, but may not be listening.  There are many types of non-listening behaviors.

Pseudo-listening, where it looks like you are listening, but you are not.  It is an imitation of the real thing.

Another is stage-hogging.  This is when a person, turns every topic of conversation to themselves, instead of showing interest in the other person.

Some people are […]

Listening: Am I not Listening?2020-06-29T06:52:46-05:00


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