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How To Deal With Difficult People

It is estimated the 20 –21% of our population can be classified as difficult people. No matter where you go, or what you do, it’s an almost “sure thing” you will have one to deal with.

Sometimes they’re outright mean; sometimes they smile as they ever so gently slide the dagger into your ego.  But what can you do?

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Does The Very Idea Of Negotiating Make You Feel Like A Loser?

I’m willing to bet the very word “negotiation” gives you some sort of bad feeling.

Maybe you’re worried that today’s friends and esteemed valued colleagues will become instant enemies, or at least rivals who may be out to get you, as a simple effort to agreement degrades into a “turf war” – or worse.


Does The Very Idea Of Negotiating Make You Feel Like A Loser?2020-03-20T12:46:39-05:00

The “I Am” Card

In the past there have been some decisions I made, some shortcuts I took, that I really didn’t like and wouldn’t make again.

I bet there’s a few things in your past that you’d do anything to have a “do-over” on, too.

Watch this short video clip where I show you a simple but effective technique to help you make better decisions:

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What Controls Our Time?

There are tasks and activities over which we have total control, and tasks and activities over which we have some control.

Check out this video clip, where I explain the three “Tests Of Time” and how they get you more control:

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To Your Success,

Kit Welchin

P.S. What controls YOUR time?  Please share your thoughts […]

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The Johari Window Of Trust

Trust is based upon self-awareness and disclosure.  People must get to know us before they trust us.

One of the easiest ways to dissect this is through the “Johari Window Of Trust.”  Click the Play button below to learn more now, and be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts:

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To Your Success!

Kit Welchlin

P.S.  Trust […]

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