Hiring the Best People: Is There A System?


Many of my clients are staying connected to staff, customers, or members, by having me present virtual presentations.  I provide high-impact and high-content virtual presentations through Loom, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Google Meet, StreamYard, and Microsoft Teams.

If you have ever suffered through a bad hire, two decisions were made:  not hiring the right person, and hiring the wrong person.

There […]

Hiring the Best People: Is There A System?2020-11-20T07:12:36-05:00

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Regulation: How Do I Deal with Negative Emotions?


We all have known people over the years that have short fuses, hot-tempers, and bad moods.  All of us get glum, get frustrated, and get down.  We need strategies to overcome these negative emotions.

Being aware of your feelings is an important and somewhat difficult task.  Many of us were taught to hide our feelings or to minimize or pretend […]

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Regulation: How Do I Deal with Negative Emotions?2020-03-20T12:46:08-05:00

Team Building: What is Norming?


There are formal and informal methods for facilitating and participating in meetings.

Parliamentary procedures are still used at annual meetings and board meetings.

Today we are talking about norming.  Norms are basically informal rules of conduct.  Norms are shared values, beliefs, behaviors, and procedures.

After a period of conflict, one idea might emerge as the best one, or the team might combine […]

Team Building: What is Norming?2020-03-20T12:46:15-05:00

Change: Do I Have To?


What might be adding to your disdain concerning change is your self-talk.

It is amazing how our psychological framing of change can have such an impact on how we accept change.

Whenever we use negative phrases like I “must do”, or I “have to do” or I “should do”, it creates a negative attitude and a reluctant reaction to change.  Trying […]

Change: Do I Have To?2019-02-15T12:33:52-05:00

Cross-Cultural Communication: Is Silence Golden?

Have you noticed that some people are quite chatty and others are sort of silent?

Silence can convey so many different messages across cultures. Silence can be used to express disagreement, surprise, sorrow, defiance, approval, embarrassment, obligation, criticism, calming, humility, regret, condemnation or consent and many more.

Americans believe that talking is good, that rhetoric is critical […]

Cross-Cultural Communication: Is Silence Golden?2020-03-20T12:46:22-05:00

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