Am I Managing Conflict? [Video Blog]

When in conflict situations with coworkers they can sometimes get irrational and emotional. Sometimes it seems like they aren’t listening to you and your great ideas. Do you ever feel like sometimes they aren’t telling me everything they know. Have you ever wondered whether a person can manage conflict?

You may not be able to manage […]

Am I Managing Conflict? [Video Blog]2020-03-20T12:46:33-05:00

Do I Sound Cooperative? [Video Blog]

Your coworkers won’t always agree with you. And when they do, they might sound aggravated or frustrated. You need keep your cool…however sometimes when they don’t get their way they have a hissy fit. Their voices rise in volume and pitch. Do you wonder if or how to sound cooperative?

One of the best ways to sound warm and cooperative is […]

Do I Sound Cooperative? [Video Blog]2020-03-20T12:46:33-05:00

Is Conflict Constructive? [Video BLog]

Do you ever wonder whether conflict is really constructive? People don’t really talk about you behind your back, do they? I bet you wish you could skip conflict all together.

In reality, yes, conflict can be constructive, if we approach it with the right attitude, and consider all of the benefits. It is important to understand […]

Is Conflict Constructive? [Video BLog]2020-03-20T12:46:33-05:00

Is this a big deal? [Video Blog]

When there has been so much change in an organization over the past few years, there have been many power struggles, complaints, alliances, and dysfunctional behaviors. When it comes to arguments and fights, how does a person figure out, “what’s a big deal?”

During times of change, systems are influx and communications are strained. Often when people […]

Is this a big deal? [Video Blog]2020-03-20T12:46:33-05:00


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