Do you ever wonder whether conflict is really constructive? People don’t really talk about you behind your back, do they? I bet you wish you could skip conflict all together.

In reality, yes, conflict can be constructive, if we approach it with the right attitude, and consider all of the benefits. It is important to understand the positive role of conflict.

Here is my top ten list:

  • Conflicts make us more aware of problems within our relationship that need to be solved.
  • Conflicts encourage change.
  • Conflict energizes and increases motivation to deal with problems.
  • Conflicts make life and work more interesting.
  • Better decisions are generally made when there are disagreements.
  • Conflicts reduce the day-to-day irritations of relating to someone.
  • Conflicts help you understand what you are like as a person.
  • Conflicts can be fun when they are not taken too seriously.
  • Conflicts can deepen and enrich a relationship.
  • Conflict can lead to growth and development as an individual and in relationships.

So, yes, conflict can be constructive.

If we approach it with the right attitude, and consider all of the benefits, it really can be constructive. Conflict is a healthy sign in relationships. It demonstrates that people still care and are willing to share what they think and how they feel. Conflict is often beneficial to the problem-solving process.

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