Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between activity and accomplishment. Often it feels like a rat race with constant pressure to hit the numbers. Pressure and stress is exhausting.

I suggest to my clients that they think of themselves as being self-employed. I ask them to try to see themselves as an independent contractor or as a consultant.

There are two ways I recommend applying this strategy.

The first way is to stop at the threshold of your front door on your way to work and put out your hands like a scale. Then ask yourself, “What are my talents, abilities, and skills, and what are they willing to pay me for those today?” You are selling your talents and skills one day at a time. Realize, the more talents, abilities, and skills you develop; the more valuable you are to this organization, or the next one.

The other method I suggest, is to see yourself as a consultant. I love being a consultant. I go into organizations and I ask questions, make suggestions, and fail. Then I ask more questions, make more suggestions, and fail, again. I guess I have become a good “failer,” not failure, but “failer.” See yourself as a consultant: show up, be present, tell the truth, and then let go.

It is stressful to feel like you have little control over your personal and professional life. Thinking of yourself as being self-employed relieves the “rat race” feelings of a rapidly changing work environment. You will be more nimble with change and more eager to learn new skills. Develop a wide variety of skills to protect your career and protect your positive outlook on life.

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