Are you always on the go? Do you have plenty of places to be and people to see? Always feel stressed? Have you been accused of being a Type A personality? How can a person avoid unnecessary stress?

Here are some Type A personality signs.

People that are always in a hurry, quite competitive, seem to measure nearly everything by how many and how much. In their relationships they are vigorous and forceful in speech with lots of gestures. Even as a listener they keep the pressure on by nodding, interrupting, and finishing others’ sentences. They are busy personally and professionally. They are hard driving, set their own deadlines, and take their work seriously.

If this sounds like you, you could be a Type A personality.

According to the research by Dr. Howard Glazer, Type A personalities are setting themselves up for a high risk of developing cardiac illness.

You need to take the pressure off, maybe change your mindset and change your focus. Move from competition to cooperation or collaboration. It is important to take some time to reflect on all the other areas of your life that you can nurture. Relish the tender moments and consider the long-term benefits of close friends and a loving family.

As far as a career, you could step back and share the spotlight with someone needing mentoring, freely sharing experience and insights for the benefit of others. Become the leader that others want to follow and grow the winners that will carry on your legacy.

You probably put a lot of pressure on yourself. There are plenty of demands for your time and your talents. Maybe it would be wise just to breathe slowly, consider thoughtfully, and redirect your thoughts to a less stressful place and enjoy peace of mind.

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