You have a strategic plan. Now it is time to roll it out, share it with the staff, and choreograph the actions.

There are four steps to unleashing your strategic plan.

The first is to articulate the plan. Explain how the plan has coordinated the established mission, vision, goals, actions, and key performance indicators for the next 24 to 36 months.

Next, clearly describe your strategic differentiation. Explain how the plan has a strategic focus on delivering a unique value proposition developed from a clear understanding of the market conditions and our customers’ needs.

Now affirm and support organizational engagement. Exhibit enthusiasm and explain expected actions so that everyone knows the strategic direction, understands their role, and commits to accountability.

Finally, sell the idea of organizational transformation. High-performing teams, driven by shared values, will consistently drive decision-making based on the agreed-upon strategy, with data, structure, and systems in place to support the activities. Show the connection.

The strategic planning process will provide clarity and create confidence. Unleash the plan.

It is important for organizational success for people to really understand where the organization is currently, where are we going in the future, and how precisely, we are going to get there. Encourage your organization to do some strategic planning. It will help to make sense of the next 24 to 36 months, for everybody.