Office politics occur in nearly every organization.  When a person is in a powerful position and is in the center of influence, office politics can often become an issue.

Given the different goals, values, interests, resources, budgets, salaries, space allocations, and projects…there will always be some politics involved.  You can either be skilled at politicking or you can become a victim of it.

So here are some general guidelines and strategies.

The first concept is to develop the right image.  This is referred to as impression management, creating and shaping a particular identity in the mind of others during our interactions with them.  Pay attention to the organization’s culture, wants and values, dress and attire, risk taking or risk adverse, and preferred leadership style.

The second concept is to be visible.  Be in the line of sight.  Being seen at the organization’s social events, being active in professional associations, and developing powerful allies who speak positively about your conduct and accomplishments.

The third concept is to get a few mentors.  Find a few people with great reputations that can help you navigate your career.  Find mentors that encourage you, help you, stand up for you, provide access to information, and provide insight and sound strategies for success.

Office politics exist.  Try these strategies.  Use facts and logic to persuade.  Be friendly and humble.  Volunteer to be on committees and build coalitions.  Be assertive and not aggressive in your approach.  Politics often determines who gets what, when and how.  So go ahead and get yours.

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