You have probably heard a lot about employee engagement.  Employee engagement is the result from creating a workplace that has fostered conditions for members of an organization to have the genuine desire to give their best effort everyday.

Employees are committed to the organization’s values and goals.  Members are motivated to contribute to organizational success.  Coworkers have an enhanced sense of their own personal and professional well being.

In engagement, people employ and express themselves physically, cognitively, and emotionally during role and task activities.

Employee engagement is about understanding one’s role in and organization, and being excited and energized on where and how that role fits in the organization’s purpose and objectives.

Employee engagement is about being all in.  Being and feeling included fully as a member of the department or team.  Engagement is supported by participating in setting clear goals, feeling trusted and empowered, receiving positive a constructive feedback, acquiring new knowledge, developing new skills, and feeling appreciated and recognized for contributions.

Take a look around and find a copy of those mission statements and value statements.  Maybe reading those will light the fire.

Defining and describing what employee engagement is all about is a good start.  Once people know what it is, then they will recognize it when they see it.  Then they will know how to do it and it will make it easier for them to appreciate other’s efforts.  Hey, we are getting paid for our time…let’s make it a great time.