Do you ever get vague meeting notices and wonder if you really needed to attend? Wouldn’t it be great to receive a meeting notice that has some of the details of the meeting ?

In order to have a successful meeting, you have to create a detailed meeting notice. A good meeting notice would start with the following details:

  • The date of the meeting along with a start time and end time
  • A location
  • The name of the person who called the meeting
  • The phone number and/or email address of the person calling the meeting

Ideally, when we receive a meeting invite, we would expect to receive a list of objectives with and agenda. The agenda should include the following;

  • The Meeting Topic
  • Activities related to the topic – Information giving, brainstorming, or problem solving, decision making, or team building
  • The name of the Activity Leader
  • Time expected

There should also include in the meeting invite guidelines concerning preparation required by the participants of the meeting. This would include information or materials participants need to bring along with any audio / visual needs.

It would be great to list the names of people whose attendance at this meeting is essential. It should also contain a list of names of people whose attendance is optional, but would should at least be informed that the meeting is taking place.

So, overall, great meeting notices guarantee great meeting results. Take a few minutes to improve your meeting notices. Provide details of the upcoming meeting to make sure it’s a great use of all the participants’ time.

For more on how to hold effective meetings, watch Kit Welchlin’s presentation here. And don’t forget to check back next Monday for another video blog.