Are you having difficulty with the new changes happening at your organization? Sometimes you feel like you can sidestep some of the new assignments you’re receiving and skip some of the new skills that you need to develop. You’re probably wondering if you can avoid new challenges.

Change is not a spectator activity. Change is a full contact sport. You have to get in the game to develop the skills you will need to protect your career.

Avoiding new challenges and assignments will hamper your ability to thrive during times of change.

Just like dancing, you have to get out on the floor, feel the new beat, start to move with the melody, apologize when you step on a few toes, and practice until the new moves are second nature.You can’t be a good golfer by avoiding golf courses. You can’t lead change by avoiding new assignments.

Get the knowledge, work on the attitude, and develop the skills you need to overcome these new challenges.

So get in the game.

Build your reputation as one who moves change along. You can only lead change from the front. Set the example. Support the new ideas and volunteer for the new initiatives and develop the new skills you need to protect your career. Your coworkers will start to believe that maybe, they can do it, too.

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