You consider myself to be a brave fellow. You’re not afraid of the dark. You’re not scared of snakes. You don’t have a fear of public speaking. So, why do you find yourself afraid of change?

It is probably not the fear of change. It might be the fear of the unknown or concern about the future. It seems kind of funny to be afraid of the future…when you are creating it.

You have an important role, you’re creating the future, the organization believes in you, or you wouldn’t still have your job. Your organization is trusting that you will be putting your best effort forward to be successful with the new ways.

Worry is a waste of emotional energy. Some studies claim human beings are successful 95% of the time. Nineteen out of twenty times what you attempt, you do attain.

Besides, some experts claim that 40% of what we worry about never happens, 30% of what we worry about already has happened. We just haven’t accepted it. 12% of what we worry about is needless healthcare concerns. 10% of what we worry about is petty. That’s the day you don’t like how your hair looks. Isn’t that funny, that’s the day you get the most compliments about your hair. That leaves 8%…8% of what we worry about, we should be worried about. The problem is figuring out which 8% that is. Try not to worry.

When faced with change, it is natural to worry. However, the odds are in your favor that you will succeed. You probably don’t fear change really, you are most likely just worried about an uncertain future. The best thing you can do is show up, be present, tell the truth, and let go. You will be just fine.

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