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Cross-Cultural Communication: Isn’t It About Time?

You have probably noticed, personally and professionally, that some people arrive five or ten minutes early for appointments. Some people arrive twenty to thirty minutes later than scheduled. It could be a cross-cultural communication issue.

Cultures organize time and space differently. A researcher named Edward Hall categorizes cultures as either monochronic or polychronic.

Monochronic orientations emphasize schedules, […]

Cross-Cultural Communication: Is Silence Golden?

Have you noticed that some people are quite chatty and others are sort of silent?

Silence can convey so many different messages across cultures. Silence can be used to express disagreement, surprise, sorrow, defiance, approval, embarrassment, obligation, criticism, calming, humility, regret, condemnation or consent and many more.

Americans believe that talking is good, that rhetoric is critical […]

Intercultural Communication: Do I Focus On The Task Or The Relationship?

When you were young, you may have wanted to climb the corporate ladder or the organizational hierarchy. You, of course, like getting things done and realize people are important, too. It can be a challenge to balance the task and the relationship.

The struggle comes with the tension that is created by the […]

Intercultural Communication: What About Uncertainty Avoidance?

I’m sure you have noticed, whether you are a college student or out there in the “real world,” how differently people approach change and risk.

There could be an element of intercultural communication coming into play called uncertainty avoidance.

Some cultures accept and even welcome risk, uncertainty, and change; others are uncomfortable with these unavoidable trends. […]

Intercultural Communication: What About Power Distance?

As I have gotten older, I have noticed that some of my college students see me as just this old guy that has read a few books. I feel little status. However, some of my other students thank me for sharing my knowledge and ideas, and recognize and support my status.

I have a hunch this […]

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