Sometimes we wonder why certain people were selected to be on our team.  Are they qualified?  You may like them personally, but they are somewhat strangers professionally.  You may have good attendance at your team meetings, (because attendance is required) however, you may not be cohesive.

Cohesiveness is the degree to which members feel connected with and committed to their team.  It’s the glue that bonds people together.  When the team enjoys cohesion, members look forward to the meetings, express more positive feelings, and enjoy a collective sense of identity.

There are a number of techniques to build cohesiveness between team members.

Be sure to identify your team member’s skills and qualifications.  There is a good reason why each of you was selected to be on the team.  Get to know each other by sharing past experiences and areas of expertise.

Be sure to build group unique traditions or rituals that team members only experience within this group.  Develop creative ways your team starts the meetings, shares ideas, supports each other when setbacks, and unique ways the team celebrates successes.

Stress teamwork.  Encourage the collaboration between team members and the sharing of training and new information by team leaders.

Recognize good individual effort and point out how individual team member’s contributions support the team’s success.

Set attainable team goals that assure success and will convince doubters.

Give the team rewards that are unique, personalized, and motivating.

Treat members like members by referring to them by name and not by department.

So, make team meetings more unique, interesting, and memorable.  Ugh.

We create cohesiveness by actively participating in team meetings, by recognizing and celebrating others contributions, and oh, yeah…and by having a little fun together, too.

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