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Change: Why Am I Afraid of Change?

It seems kind of funny to be afraid of the future, when you are creating it. You have an important role, you’re creating the future, the organization believes in you, or you wouldn’t still have your job.

Your organization is trusting that you will be putting your best effort forward to be successful with the new methods, processes, or ways.

Worry is […]

Change: Why Am I Afraid of Change?2022-11-30T14:11:55-05:00

Resilience: How Do I Move Forward?

Have you been knocked down and have you gotten back up? Now catch your breath. It’s time to move forward.

One of the best ways to move forward is to set some realistic goals. Nothing outrageous, nothing sensational, just set some simple goals that are sensible.

Start by taking care of yourself. Consider being well-fed, well-rested, and well- exercised. Small accomplishments in […]

Resilience: How Do I Move Forward?2022-11-17T10:08:57-05:00

Resilience: How Do I Build Resiliency?

Many of us would like to become more resilient. You may want to be known or recognized for your resiliency. However, people are unique individuals with unique perspectives and personalities. When it comes to building resiliency, one size does not fit all.

Developing resiliency is a personal process. Since we are all unique individuals, you need to experiment and find your […]

Resilience: How Do I Build Resiliency?2022-10-26T14:40:29-05:00

Resilience: What is Resilience?

Professionally, over the past couple of years, you may have had to deal with a lot of changes and challenges at work. Personally, you may have made many adjustments recalibrating work and life balance. You sometimes may just want to throw in the towel and give up – please don’t. You may just need a dose of resilience.

If you look […]

Resilience: What is Resilience?2022-10-12T12:30:40-05:00

Generational Communication: What’s the Big Deal?


I’m sure you have recognized how the work force has changed since 2020 and you may be wondering how it will affect you.  You are established in your position, secure with your skills, and work well with coworkers, so, what’s the big deal?

The demographics of your coworkers will probably change a lot over the next few years and you […]

Generational Communication: What’s the Big Deal?2022-08-30T14:33:57-05:00


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