Strategic Planning: What Are The Benefits?

Strategic planning can take a bit of time. I think it is worth it. There are many benefits to strategic planning.

For one, we will be more proactive instead of reactive.

A strategic plan helps us identify true opportunities instead of distractions and false starts. It helps us identify which products, services, and activities are winners and […]

Strategic Planning: What Are The Benefits?2020-03-20T12:46:24-05:00

What About Office Politics?

Office politics occur in nearly every organization.  When a person is in a powerful position and is in the center of influence, office politics can often become an issue.

Given the different goals, values, interests, resources, budgets, salaries, space allocations, and projects…there will always be some politics involved.  You can either be skilled at politicking or […]

What About Office Politics?2020-03-20T12:46:29-05:00

How Do You Maintain Trust?

You may be getting along with some of your colleagues, however, you may be struggling with a few of your new relationships.

How do you maintain the trust that you have established?

Establishing and maintaining trust requires us to be trusting and trustworthy.  Trust is established through a series of trusting and trustworthy actions.

If a person takes […]

How Do You Maintain Trust?2020-03-20T12:46:30-05:00


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