Self-Esteem: How Do I Take On the Day?


At work there are frequent verbal fistfights, battles of wits, and wars for resources.  Some of these squabbles seem silly.  It may be necessary to engage in these conversations to protect and promote department resources and goals.  It is important to be physically and emotionally able to take on the day?

Starting about a thousand years ago people took on […]

Self-Esteem: How Do I Take On the Day?2021-03-09T10:13:39-05:00

Self-Esteem: How Does the Self-Concept Develop?


How does the self-concept develop?

One of the sources of self-concept is based upon our experiences.  Think about the years you were growing up.  What did you read?  What did you watch on TV?  What were the topics of discussion?  What did you talk about?  Who were your friends?  What are your memories concerning your neighborhood?  What do you recall […]

Self-Esteem: How Does the Self-Concept Develop?2021-03-09T08:32:27-05:00

Self-Esteem: What is the Self-Concept?


We need a healthy self-concept and a positive self-esteem.  However, all of us have areas of our lives we could improve.

Your self-concept is what you believe about yourself.  It’s your image of who you are.  It’s your feelings and thoughts about your strengths and weaknesses.  Your self-concept is your thoughts and feelings about your abilities and limitations.  It takes […]

Self-Esteem: What is the Self-Concept?2021-03-08T12:12:41-05:00

Mentor Leadership: How Do We Start?


Sometimes it seems hard to get a mentor leadership program off the ground.

It would be ideal if your organization creates a clear strategy for mentor leadership opportunities.  January was National Mentoring Month and you probably want to turn talking into acting.  A thoughtful framework helps determine the guiding principles, clarifies reasons for the program, helps define the objectives, and […]

Mentor Leadership: How Do We Start?2021-02-07T13:10:16-05:00

Mentor Leadership: Can I Be a Mentor Leader?


After many conversations about mentor leadership, I now recognize informal mentor relationships that have helped me along the way.  Mentor leaders have helped me both personally and professionally.  Since January was National Mentoring Month, it is probably a good idea to explore it a little bit more.  Many of us have been mentees – now it may be, time […]

Mentor Leadership: Can I Be a Mentor Leader?2021-02-07T13:01:30-05:00

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