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Have noticed that some people in your department have a thin skin, no sense of humor, and take everything so personally?  Maybe trust has been damaged.

Trust can be damaged or destroyed in many ways.  Trust is damaged when laughing at, not with, the other person, talking behind each other’s backs, gossiping or openly moralizing about another person’s behavior.  Trust is damaged through expressions of disinterest or disrespect, and the refusal to reciprocate openness.

Some people rely on equivocation, vagueness in word choice, or hinting when they feel vulnerable or uncomfortable with being completely honest.  This type of behavior can create suspicion.

Trust is often destroyed by betrayal, the abuse of another’s vulnerability, usually through ridicule or through lying.  Once distrust is established, it is extremely hard to change.  It is sad when it happens.  The relationship will never be the same.

People cite all sorts of reasons for lying.  People lie to acquire resources, protect resources, initiate and continue interaction, avoid conflict, avoid interaction, present a competent image, or increase social desirability.  Some people feel it is a risk to be honest; I think it is a risk to be a liar.

Trust is damaged and destroyed in many ways and it is devastating.  When the trust level is low; team members will be evasive, dishonest, and manipulative.

When the trust level is high; team members openly express thoughts, feelings, opinions, and information.  Your job is to be clear and concise, kind and thoughtful, and as honest as possible.

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