Is your schedule full and your stress level high?  Do you have any time for distractions or delays?  When others drop the ball, does it blow your stack?   Often we don’t have room in our calendars for disruptions.  How can we respond more effectively to delays?

When we get stuck in traffic, or the flight is delayed, or the train is late, we can start to get stressed out.   But there may be a different and more positive way to look at delays in your life.  I suggest you find delight in delays.

When things don’t go as plan, and our schedule suffers a delay, have a list in hand of things you can do along the way.  There are a number of things you can do now in this mobile world to take the pressure off.  Here are a few suggestions.

You can send a couple of short emails to help move other projects along.  Do some brainstorming on a problem at work or at home.  Review your calendar, and double check to make sure that nothing else you have committed to, is, or has, fallen through the cracks.  Read that article that you just haven’t taken the time to read.  Watch that video blog on how to find delight in delays on  You can call your Mom or Dad for a quick chat…just to check in and catch up.  You can call a friend back that you haven’t had the time call and at least leave a voice mail message.  You can text a couple of people and stay in touch.  You can take a couple of pictures, or review your photo gallery, and post to your social media.

Simply find delight in the delays.

Don’t be obsessed with the delay and with your plans being disrupted.  You don’t need to feel trapped.  You can feel free.  You can delight in the delays

Create a list of everything you would like to do, read, or consider.  Keep it close and find delight in the delays.  If your organization or industry suffering from significant stress, contact me at and I will deliver a presentation with physical and psychological remedies to dial down the stress factor.