There is a relationship between self-concept, self-esteem, biology, and personality. Researchers estimate that we inherit about 40% of our personality traits. Research suggests that our temperament at age 3 is highly predictive of how we will behave or conduct ourselves as adults.

How Biology Impacts Personality

If your parents or grandparents were shy, you may have a genetic tendency to be reserved in certain situations. Studies suggest up to 40% of Americans report being currently troubled by shyness. This excessive caution and self-consciousness can create a challenge developing and maintaining friendships and effective work relationships. If that is the case, here are some remedies: Accept yourself as you are and challenge yourself to not worry about things that might happen. Monitor your thoughts and avoid catastrophizing the worst. Learn physical and psychological strategies to relax.

Now, if your parents or grandparents demonstrated aggressive personality characteristics, you might have a natural tendency to more emotionally expressive. If that is the case, you may also find it a challenge developing and maintaining friendships and effective work relationships. I suggest, reading some books and attending a few seminars on listening, perception checking, perspective taking, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, and conflict resolution.

How to Control Your Communication

Even though you may have a disposition toward some personality traits, you can do a great deal to control how you actually communicate. People that are somewhat shy can learn skills that will help in reaching out to others. People that are somewhat aggressive can learn skills to communicate in more sociable ways.

Personality does have an impact on self-concept and self-esteem, however, through self-awareness and diligent effort, we can modify our communication behaviors and enjoy fulfilling personal and professional relationships.

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