In this ever-changing world, a leader needs to be a life-long learner. Even if you have the degree and the experience, there is always more that a person can learn.

There are many studies that show that the more you learn; the more you earn.

I couldn’t care less about that, but I am amazed the difference a good book makes in our decision-making, relationship-building, and peace of mind.

With so much information at our fingertips, leaders need to be connected with the constant flow of information and alert to the altering of ideas and insights. No one can come close to knowing it all and leaders need to stay abreast to changing conditions and available information.

Learning isn’t easy and it is especially hard to interest people in learning things they think they think they already know. Sometimes people have an unwillingness to learn and an unwillingness to recognize and accept reality.

Leaders need to continually seek information through a variety of avenues such as by reading books, listening to audio books, and participating in professional associations.

Sometimes leaders make a wrong decision, and that is understandable, however, refusing to search continually for learning opportunities is not.

Life-long learning is critical for the future success of leaders. Somebody, somewhere, on the other side of the country or the world, has access to the same information. If we aren’t paying attention and somebody else is, we may lose our competitive advantage.

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