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Have you ever subscribed to a “word of the day” service?  If so, you may have learned words like caterwaul.  What a great word.  It means to let out a harsh cry. Try using that one in your staff meeting tomorrow.

It’s great to have a large vocabulary, but it may alienate people if they don’t know what the words mean.  I believe people would rather feel informed, rather than ignorant.  Heck, I grew up ignorant, so it doesn’t bother me when people use great big long words, however, it can bother others.

As a keynote speaker on leadership, I suggest that the key to effective communication is to make sure that the words you choose are both accurate and simple. Sometimes when people use a large vocabulary, they think they’re being more accurate, but they’re actually being distracting.

Instead of saying morose, say pessimistic.

Instead of saying copacetic, say acceptable.

Instead of saying macabre, say eerie or spooky.

When you use simple words, people won’t wonder what you said, and they’ll fully understand what you mean.

In your conversations and during meetings, pay attention to the vocabulary you use.  As a corporate keynote speaker, I remind people to be conscious about their word choice, so you won’t have five people leaving the meeting thinking and doing five different things.

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