We deliver great customer service…at least we think so. We try hard. We have above average products, above average service, above average prices…I mean competitive prices. Has it ever dawned on you, how do our customers judge us?

That’s actually a great question. Most organizations haven’t stop to think about that, lately.

How do our customers judge us? Usually based upon these five things: Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, and the Tangibles.

  • When it comes to Reliability, our customers are judging whether we have the ability to provide what was promised, dependably and accurately.
  • When it comes to Responsiveness, our customers are watching whether we have the willingness to help them promptly.
  • Assurance is judged based upon the knowledge and courtesy we show to our customers. Assurance is also our ability to convey trust, competence, and confidence.
  • Of course Empathy, is the degree of caring, concern, and individual attention we show our customers.
  • Finally, we are judged on the Tangibles, the physical facilities, the equipment, and our own, and others’ appearance.

Improve each of these areas, and enhance the memory your customers have, of you and your organization.

Sometimes we get so caught up on our products, services, and brand that we forget to consider how our customer sees us. We sometimes get so caught up in the marketing of an image that we forget to focus on making a connection. When the customer judges you, make sure you earn the blue ribbon.

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