What are your “buttons”?

Wherever you go there is going to be someone that is difficult to work with. Sometimes a co-worker can become difficult and unreasonable temporarily. Sometimes you have a coworker that becomes difficult permanently. In this video, Kit Welchlin presents some techniques to minimize the damage to yourself and your organization.

It’s important to keep track and consider what about you people will attack to make you mad. We all have buttons:

  • Could be your weight – Difficult people could say, “Hey, looks like you put on a little weight” that could make you angry
  • Could be your family or friends – “Have you seen your delinquent kid lately?” And, You most likely have great kids
  • Could be your area of competence – “Did you fill out that form correctly this time?” You always fill out forms correctly every time
  • Could be your masculinity or femininity – Make you feel less of a man or a woman

We all need to know our buttons so that we can know how to respond rather that react. If we can then be able to handle difficult people and not take it so personally, people will respect us rather than resent us.

To hear more about how to handle difficult people watch Kit’s presentation on Difficult People: Dealing with People You Can’t Stand . Check back next Monday for another video blog.