There are eight points of encounter that give you the opportunity to create a sensational customer experience.

The first point of encounter is when people become aware of what you do and hear about your organization. It might be the web site, it might be a referral, or it might be some great marketing materials you sent out.

The second point of encounter is when they first contact you by phone. Are you professional? Are you friendly? What image are you creating over the phone?

The third point of encounter is when they get a chance to meet you in person. Do you meet their expectation? Do you look the part? Are you well-groomed? Do you seem to match your organization and brand.

The fourth point of encounter is when people wait to be served. What do they hear? What do they smell? What do they see? You want to be sure to create an environment that supports your professional image.

The fifth point of encounter is when people are introduced to our products and services. How well scripted is the information? How professionally is it presented?

The sixth point of encounter is when people actually get a chance to try your products and services. Do you provide them enough information so they can be successful? Do they feel comfortable calling you if they have any questions?

The seventh point of encounter is follow-up. It would be ideal to contact your customer within two to five days with an email, or a phone call, or even drop something in the mail so they know you haven’t forgotten them.

The eighth and final point of encounter is how you solve-problems. Do you have a system, not just a smile? Do you have a process that seems to be flexible and fair?

So, when it comes to these points of encounter, a minor adjustment will have a major impact. The goal could be to become three percent more effective in each of these eight points of encounter. If my math is correct, that’s a twenty-five percent increase in improvement. Imagine creating a world-class customer service culture.

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