I think so, but be sure to consider improving your business card and how you use it. In a great book entitled, “50 Ways to Win New Customers” written by Paul Timm, recommends that we give more than just a business card.

Here are some of the tips:

Have your card designed to include your photo to make it easier for them to remember you and your organization.

Print a saying or a quote on the back that would be something customers will enjoy and remember.

Make sure the finish on the card has the surface that can be written on in case they want to write a personal note on it.

If it is not already on your card, be sure to write your mobile number on it to demonstrate your genuine interest and willingness to serve in any way possible.
Staple a brochure, or a sample, or a checklist to the card to help support or promote easy use of your products or services.

Clip your card to a newspaper article, or a blog post, or a magazine article of interest related to your product or service.

And be sure to give cards out freely. They don’t do you any good in your desk drawer.

Display your business card prominently on your desk, counter, or with marketing materials.

Offer some sort of bonus to people who have referred your card to others.

Make some improvements to my business card. A great business card, handed to a great number of great people, will have a great impact on our organization’s great reputation.

Consider the business card to be a representation of your organization’s products and services. A well-designed card, carefully presented, will leave a lasting positive impression. If you would like your staff to learn dozens of world-class customer service ideas and strategies, contact me at kit@welchlin.com to schedule a speech or seminar. Your customers will be glad you did.