Often, when there are lots of changes at work, people start to vent with their coworkers.  You know the old saying, “misery loves company.”  And after some carping, soon, nobody loves the company, any more.

People start to feel like victims.  It is natural to feel worried and concerned during times of change.  Often we blame others.

Sometimes, we throw a pity party and invite others to attend.  We talk about how hopeless it is and how helpless we feel.  Unfortunately, throwing a pity party doesn’t make us very appealing as a coworker or as a leader.

Acting like a victim is personally and professionally damaging.  You miss opportunities.  You miss the chance of being respected and admired, as the one who helped move change along.  Acting like a victim adds stress to your life, and wears you down, and everyone around you, too.

It is essential to accept the changes you face, remain productive, and have a positive influence on your coworkers.  Put your shoulders back and take on change head-on.

Don’t fall into the pit of self-pity.  Worrying about the future is silly; you are creating the future.  You have the job.  You should be thrilled that your organization has so much confidence in you.

If your organization or industry is dealing with significant change, and people are struggling, contact me at kit@welchlin.com, and I will deliver a presentation packed with change management strategies that will help.