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Change: Can I Avoid New Challenges?


Change is a full contact sport.  You have to get in the game to develop the skills you will need to protect your career.

Avoiding new challenges and assignments will hamper your ability to thrive during times of change.

Just like dancing, you have to get out on the floor, feel the new beat, start to move with the melody, apologize […]

Change: Can I Avoid New Challenges?2019-02-21T07:28:48-05:00

Change: Is This a Big Deal?


Often the by-product of change is made up of power struggles, complaints, alliances, and dysfunctional behaviors.  When it comes to disagreements, arguments, and fights, how does a person figure out, “what’s a big deal?”

During times of change, systems are influx and communications are strained.  Often when people are under stress, everything takes on a symbolic hue.  What normally would […]

Change: Is This a Big Deal?2019-02-01T07:46:18-05:00

Change: How Do I Overcome Resistance?

Some people act like turtles when it comes to change.

They already move slowly, and when they hear there are going to be changes, they stop, pull in their heads, legs and tails, and stop in their tracks. Often there is some resistance to change. Having a process is critical to move change along. John Kotter’s […]

Change: How Do I Overcome Resistance?2016-12-28T16:51:35-05:00

Change: What Tools Do I Need?

Our organizations’ culture is change adverse. Change, just for the sake of change, seems silly and unnecessary to many people. The word “change” can cause people to get upset and threaten to leave.

There are three tools I know for sure that can help your organization adjust to change. In a book […]

Change: What Tools Do I Need?2016-12-28T16:51:35-05:00

Change: Am I Surviving or Thriving?

Change is hard pretty much for everybody. Some people are merely suffering through it. Some people are skipping down the hallway, high fiving and back slapping, acting as if there is nothing to worry about. Is it possible to thrive rather than just survive change?

In a great book entitled, “Strategies for Fast-Changing Times” written by […]

Change: Am I Surviving or Thriving?2016-12-28T16:51:35-05:00
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