Sometimes we don’t have time to respond to every request from everybody for which we are responsible. But, availability is crucial. It is important for people to feel that they can have personal access to their leaders.

Sure, face-to-face discussions are not always possible, however with today’s technological advances, it has become easier to connect with coworkers through other means.

Now, with email, much information can be shared. Text messaging makes it possible to receive nearly instant feedback to questions or concerns.

Telephone calls help clear up confusion. Voice mail messages can help provide richness to the communication context with the caller’s vocal tone and vocal variety.

I have found that people still enjoy receiving handwritten notes and the occasional letter.

Yes, face-to-face discussions with the leader would be ideal and leaders need to demonstrate that they are willing to talk with anyone who shows up. People want their leaders to be real people and then they won’t be afraid to point out problems and participate in difficult conversations.

People like to know they can communicate with their leader. It is important for people to feel valued and that their ideas are considered and their concern is appreciated. Be the leader that builds relationships by being available.

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