Usually we have the courage to take action. However, sometimes we get stuck and freeze and don’t do what we need to do. Usually it is fear that stops us from taking action.

There are many fears that can immobilize us and cause us to procrastinate.

I will share with you sixteen reasons why people procrastinate.


Fear of imperfection: It is hard for some of us to accept that some things need to be done perfectly and everything else doesn’t.

Fear of not being ready: This is the concern that we may not have all of the information we need to move forward.

Fear of the unknown: We find ourselves asking, “What will people think?”

Fear of being overwhelmed: This is when the task is so complex that we don’t know where or how to start.

Fear of making mistakes: Mistakes are a part of life. We need to ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this?”

Fear of pain and dread: When we postpone an unpleasant task, attempting to make life easier and avoiding the distasteful.

Fear of success: The concern that we must continue to succeed more and more as we move forward in our life.

Fear of bad timing: This is battling our natural biological rhythms and energy cycles. Trying to do a task when we feel fatigued.

Fear of having to live up to a high standard: Hoping others won’t expect such high-quality work from us…again.

Fear of no pressure: Some people believe that they need pressure to focus and to finish.

Fear of change: When we worry that the change will render us incompetent or irrelevant.

Fear of difficulty: When the task seems so difficult that we won’t even start.

Fear of too much responsibility: Once we start something, the concern becomes, whether we will be able to consistently continue the work.

Fear of finishing: The concern that if we finish this task, there will be just another awful job to do.

Fear of being rejected: It is hard not to take it personally when there is proof that we are flawed in some ways.

Fear of making the wrong decision: We get busy with trivial activities to avoid making a decision.

So, in conclusion, consider what’s holding you back. As they say, ”Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Release the brakes and move forward and enjoy the adventure.