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Do you have a fast-paced career?  Do you wear many hats in your organization?  Is your participation and involvement critical for organizational success?  Do you often feel overwhelmed and your schedule seems out of control?  You may at times feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything.  This information may help.

Read these series of questions.  Consider each question thoughtfully.  Your answers will give you some insight into the areas of time management where you might want to set goals for improvement.

Here we go.  Are you satisfied with the number of hours you work each week?

If you could reprioritize one hour in your work day, do you know how you would invest that time differently?  Do you have a list of what you intend to do each day?  Do you have a calendar upon which you record appointments and tasks you intend to accomplish in the future?  Do you assign time limits to the tasks on your master task list?

Here are some more questions to consider. Is your workspace arranged so everything you need is readily available?  Anything you use often close at hand?  Anything you use less frequently stored away with easy access?  Do you keep your desk or other workspace fairly clear of anything except the work you are engaged in at the moment?  Do you have adequate lighting and ventilation in your work area?

Finally, do you set priorities for different jobs and decide which jobs merit your primary attention?  Do you delegate appropriately to others with clear instructions and proper authority?  Do you make effective use of travel time commuting to work or driving to appointments?

So, do you have some areas of time management where you would like to set goals for improvement?

We all have the same 24 hours per day and 168 hours per week.  Manage your time and manage your life.  Get serious about time management and it will have a serious impact on your results.

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