How Does the Self-Concept Develop?

How does the self-concept develop?

One of the sources of self-concept is based upon our experiences. Think about the years you were growing up. What did you read? What did you watch on TV? What were the topics of discussion? What did you talk about? Who were your friends? What are your memories concerning your neighborhood? […]

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What is Pre-Play?

The question is: What is pre-play? Sometimes when negotiating, the first few minutes are awkward and the conversation gets off on a slow start. You may be unsure of how to start. What can you do to be better prepared?

This is often referred to as pre-play in negotiation. Pre-play, or the pre-negotiation tactics, are the […]

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What do ethics have to do with leadership?

Ethics, character, moral intelligence…some people think these concepts seem old-fashioned.  Some leaders cut corners, bend the rules, or shade the truth because they are afraid they might miss opportunities.

Leaders need to build their reputation on an ethical foundation.  When the economy gets tough and it gets harder and harder to hit the numbers, sometimes ethics […]

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Do the generations have different career goals?

Baby Boomers like a good challenge. Boomers have worked hard to climb the ladder of success. Do the generations have different career goals?

The oldest generation, the Veterans or Traditionals expected to work in the same industry and enjoy lifetime employment with the same organization.

The Baby Boomers go to work to make change and to make […]

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