Hiring the Best People: What About Rewards and Recognition?

Many organizations believe a paperweight or a plaque is a rewards and recognition program. However, some rewards aren’t very rewarding. And some recognition activities aren’t very motivating. Keep in mind that every recognition action can have a value in reinforcing positive job performance.

Some of the best recognition programs, recognize the best performers, in a number […]
Hiring the Best People: What About Rewards and Recognition?2020-03-20T12:46:24-05:00

What are Spheres of Influence?

The concept of sphere of influence concerns the domain, or the areas of our careers, in which one can effectively exert influence.

Think of the spheres of influence like a set of concentric circles, in which influence is strongest near the center, and weaker as the distance from the center increases. Your personal sphere of influence […]

What are Spheres of Influence?2020-03-20T12:46:26-05:00

How do you reward the different generations?

What motivates you? For some of your coworkers it might be recognition; the more public the better. How do you reward all of the different generations?

The Veterans or Traditionals rely on their own personal appreciation of a job well done. This generation expected to work hard and to enjoy a pension or a defined retirement […]

How do you reward the different generations?2020-03-20T12:46:31-05:00
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