How Does the Self-Concept Develop?

How does the self-concept develop?

One of the sources of self-concept is based upon our experiences. Think about the years you were growing up. What did you read? What did you watch on TV? What were the topics of discussion? What did you talk about? Who were your friends? What are your memories concerning your neighborhood? […]

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What is Post-Play?

Sometimes a person feels like a failure when they can’t close the deal. People are disappointed when the negotiation is deadlocked and when they are at an impasse. What does a person do when negotiations grind to a halt.

Say something like this, “It is a shame that this is all going to collapse when we […]

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Handling Difficult People: Options for Dealing with Difficult People [Video Blog]

Options for Dealing with Difficult People

When you are in a situation dealing with difficult people, you’re not stuck. You do have options. In this video blog, Kit discusses four options for handling difficult people. Knowing your options will not only help you in these situations, but can also improve relationships.

There are four helpful options that you […]

Handling Difficult People: Options for Dealing with Difficult People [Video Blog]2020-03-20T12:46:38-05:00


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