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Listening: Are You a Content-Oriented Listener?


Even when it comes to listening, style matters.  Are you a people-oriented, action-oriented, time-oriented, and content-oriented listener?

Are you most interested in the quality of the messages heard?  Do you give more weight to the messages of experts and credible sources?  Do you seek details?  Are you skilled at analyzing an issue from several perspectives?  Do you simply enjoy ideas […]

Listening: Are You a Content-Oriented Listener?2020-07-27T14:01:55-05:00

Cross-Cultural Communication: Is Silence Golden?

Have you noticed that some people are quite chatty and others are sort of silent?

Silence can convey so many different messages across cultures. Silence can be used to express disagreement, surprise, sorrow, defiance, approval, embarrassment, obligation, criticism, calming, humility, regret, condemnation or consent and many more.

Americans believe that talking is good, that rhetoric is critical […]

Cross-Cultural Communication: Is Silence Golden?2020-03-20T12:46:22-05:00

Team Building: How Do You Actively Participate on Teams?

Sometimes we don’t feel like participating in team meetings. At times we feel ignored or inadequate. This is what I think, if we are going to be attending a team meeting, we may as well participate.

There are four key components to actively participating on teams. The first one is to maintain or enhance the self-esteem […]

Team Building: How Do You Actively Participate on Teams?2020-03-20T12:46:26-05:00

Why don’t we listen?

People do a lot of listening, to smart phones on the way to work, to coworkers in meetings, and to casual conversations. Sometimes it’s hard to continue listening attentively.

There are a number of reasons why we don’t listen.

Sometimes we suffer from something called message overload. Given the amount of speech most of us encounter everyday, […]

Why don’t we listen?2020-03-20T12:46:29-05:00

Aren’t Hearing and Listening the Same Thing? [Video Blog]

There is a difference between hearing and listening. We hear 24 hours a day, but we really, out of those 24 hours, we listen very little. There is more to listening than just hearing. We have to be active if we want to be an effective listener.


Aren’t Hearing and Listening the Same Thing? [Video Blog]2020-03-20T12:46:34-05:00


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