Are you a perfectionist? Is do it right the first time, or don’t do it at all your mantra? That may be why some things don’t get done.

Perfectionism can certainly be a contributor to the habit of procrastination. Sometimes it is the perfection we seek in the outcome or final result. Sometimes procrastination occurs because we are waiting for the perfect conditions to even get started.

We sometimes wait until we are in just the right mood. Sometimes we wait until we have the ideal time set aside to start and finish. We wait for the perfect conditions, the perfect factors, and unless these ideal circumstances present themselves, decisions, actions, moves, careers, and lives are put on hold.

We might have to accept the fact that these perfect conditions may never come.
It is difficult for perfectionists to accept that this is an imperfect world and we are imperfect people.

We may have to simply strive for excellence, and be happy with work that is frankly, just, well done. Sometimes good, is good enough.

In my time management seminar we discuss how to come to grips with determining when good is good enough. Be prepared to negotiate the three Q’s. Quickness, Quantity, and Quality.

If deadlines are moved up, then something will have to give, and it may affect the quantity or a degree of quality. If the quantity changes it may affect the quickness or quality. If the quality expectation is increased, then quickness or quantity might need to be modified. These three Q’s help us to accept that this time, the task may not be perfect – but is plenty good enough.

So if you are a perfectionist, remember, some things need to be done perfectly, everything else doesn’t. It is vital, for personal and professional success, to do our best, with our most important tasks and in our most important relationships. Doing our best…is enough.