Do I need a mentor?  Would this be a good use of my time?

Well let’s discuss whether this would be a good use of your time. So, since January was National Mentoring Month, it is probably a good idea to review the benefits.

If you would like to broaden your opportunities, then this would be a good use of your time.  A mentor can help you develop important professional connections, expand your network personally, and expose you to new opportunities professionally.

If you would like to gain insight to the processes, people, and culture of your organization, then spending time with a mentor may be a good use of your time.  As a corporate keynote speaker, I point out that a mentor can give you insight concerning preferences, attitudes, norms, and values of your colleagues, customers, and the expectations of the organization overall.

If you would like to gain a fresh perspective about yourself and your ideas, then a mentor leadership relationship may be a good use of your time.  Your mentor is committed to your personal and professional development, and will provide an outsider’s view of you and your ideas and behaviors, and give you honest feedback supported by their expertise and experience.

So, I think a mentor leader relationship would be a great idea and a great use of your time.

As a keynote speaker on leadership, I reinforce the notion that mentor leaders have so much to offer.  So, as a mentee, identify what you hope to gain, what type of mentor can help, where do you want to be in the next few years, what knowledge do you need to acquire, what skills do you need to develop, and who are you going to ask?

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