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Change: How Do I Lead Change Effectively?


Change has been the norm for years.  Some people are still struggling with accepting all of the changes in their personal and professional lives.  At work they feel like victims of change.  It might be more productive being the person that leads the change.  In order to lead change effectively, a flexible, yet systematic approach is necessary.  A book […]

Change: How Do I Lead Change Effectively?2019-03-10T07:58:39-05:00

Change: Why am I Afraid of Change?


It seems kind of funny to be afraid of the future, when you are creating it.  You have an important role, you’re creating the future, the organization believes in you, or you wouldn’t still have your job.

Your organization is trusting that you will be putting your best effort forward to be successful with the new ways.

Worry is a waste […]

Change: Why am I Afraid of Change?2019-03-01T07:30:45-05:00

Change: Can I Avoid New Challenges?


Change is a full contact sport.  You have to get in the game to develop the skills you will need to protect your career.

Avoiding new challenges and assignments will hamper your ability to thrive during times of change.

Just like dancing, you have to get out on the floor, feel the new beat, start to move with the melody, apologize […]

Change: Can I Avoid New Challenges?2019-02-21T07:28:48-05:00

Change: Is This a Big Deal?


Often the by-product of change is made up of power struggles, complaints, alliances, and dysfunctional behaviors.  When it comes to disagreements, arguments, and fights, how does a person figure out, “what’s a big deal?”

During times of change, systems are influx and communications are strained.  Often when people are under stress, everything takes on a symbolic hue.  What normally would […]

Change: Is This a Big Deal?2019-02-01T07:46:18-05:00

Change: Am I Freezing Like a Deer?


Has your organization been dealing with nonstop change?  Have you made some decisions lately that weren’t the best?  Are you losing confidence in your decision-making abilities?  Are you now, being so cautious, it’s like you are freezing like a deer in the headlights?

Sometimes when we have had a work environment plagued with nonstop change we do become somewhat fatigued […]

Change: Am I Freezing Like a Deer?2019-01-25T07:57:34-05:00
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