Change: Do I Have To?


What might be adding to your disdain concerning change is your self-talk.

It is amazing how our psychological framing of change can have such an impact on how we accept change.

Whenever we use negative phrases like I “must do”, or I “have to do” or I “should do”, it creates a negative attitude and a reluctant reaction to change.  Trying […]

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Change: Do I Continue to Do the Old and the New?


The question shouldn’t be whether I continue to do both the old and the new, the question should be: Am I doing things right or am I doing the right things?

In times of change, it is hard to let go of the things we do well, even if they are no longer necessary.  It feels good to be competent.

However, […]

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Change: Is This a Big Deal?


Often the by-product of change is made up of power struggles, complaints, alliances, and dysfunctional behaviors.  When it comes to disagreements, arguments, and fights, how does a person figure out, “what’s a big deal?”

During times of change, systems are influx and communications are strained.  Often when people are under stress, everything takes on a symbolic hue.  What normally would […]

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Change: Am I Freezing Like a Deer?


Has your organization been dealing with nonstop change?  Have you made some decisions lately that weren’t the best?  Are you losing confidence in your decision-making abilities?  Are you now, being so cautious, it’s like you are freezing like a deer in the headlights?

Sometimes when we have had a work environment plagued with nonstop change we do become somewhat fatigued […]

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Change: Why am I Acting Like a Victim?


Often, when there are lots of changes at work, people start to vent with their coworkers.  You know the old saying, “misery loves company.”  And after some carping, soon, nobody loves the company, any more.

People start to feel like victims.  It is natural to feel worried and concerned during times of change.  Often we blame others.

Sometimes, we throw a […]

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