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Change: What Tools Do I Need?

Our organizations’ culture is change adverse. Change, just for the sake of change, seems silly and unnecessary to many people. The word “change” can cause people to get upset and threaten to leave.

There are three tools I know for sure that can help your organization adjust to change. In a book […]

Change: Am I Surviving or Thriving?

Change is hard pretty much for everybody. Some people are merely suffering through it. Some people are skipping down the hallway, high fiving and back slapping, acting as if there is nothing to worry about. Is it possible to thrive rather than just survive change?

In a great book entitled, “Strategies for Fast-Changing Times” written by […]

Change: How Do I Lead Change Effectively?

Change has been the norm for years. Some people are still struggling with accepting all of the changes in their personal and professional lives. At work they feel like victims of change. It might be more productive being the person that leads the change.

In order to lead change effectively, a flexible, yet systematic approach is […]

Cross-Cultural Communication: How Formal Should I Be?

You have probably noticed a difference in how informally and formally people interact with each other.

Cultures, like the United States, are sometimes called egalitarian, symmetrical, or horizontal, because we believe that humans are created equal. Interpersonal relationships follow this theme of equality. Interpersonal relationships operate on a fairly equal basis regardless […]

Cross-Cultural Communication: Can You Give Me Some Space?

Some people stand really close to each other when they talk. Some people stand across the room when they chat. So, do you close the gap or ask people to back up and provide some space?

Often different cultures have different orientations to social space. Spatial distance is just as powerful […]

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