Self-Esteem: How Do I Attack My Self-Destructive Beliefs?

I will have to say that I struggle with perfectionism. I try to hide my vulnerabilities. I try to please others. I tend to scurry and hurry to get as much done as possible. I mean, I really try hard. But no matter my efforts, I often feel like I’m not doing enough. […]

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Self-Esteem: What Are Self-Destructing Beliefs?

I’m sure you always try to do your best, as close to perfect as humanly possible. You may try to not show any weakness. You probably have a strong constitution. You work hard and fast. So, why don’t you feel successful all the time?

It could be unrealistic beliefs. These unrealistic beliefs may motivate […]

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Self-Esteem: What About the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Have you noticed if you think a certain way, it causes you to you act a certain way, and then people react to you just the way you thought they would? Do you ever wonder if your self-esteem was more positive, your self-concept more confident, would your outcomes be different? Could you control your destiny?

Social Comparison

This process […]

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Self-Esteem: What Does Personality Have to Do with It?

There is a relationship between self-concept, self-esteem, biology, and personality. Researchers estimate that we inherit about 40% of our personality traits. Research suggests that our temperament at age 3 is highly predictive of how we will behave or conduct ourselves as adults.

How Biology Impacts Personality

If your parents or grandparents were shy, you may […]

Self-Esteem: What Does Personality Have to Do with It?2018-08-07T12:07:26+00:00
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